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   Our Cheeses

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Dedicated to providing people with

   quality cheese that’s fresh and wholesome

  1. Bullet  $14.75 lb   Montecito - Gouda Style - 90 Days Aged or More

  2. Bullet  $13.75 lb  Santa Ynez - White Cheddar - Aged 1 Year

  3. Bullet  $17.50 lb Buellton - Blue Cheese - 120-150 Days Aged  

  4. Bullet  $12.75 lb Cuyama - Chipotle Jack Cheese - 90 Days Aged or More

  5. Bullet  $11.00 lb Santa Rosa Is.- Queso Fresco - Fresh Cheese Check for Availability  

  6. Bullet  $12.00 lb Carpinteria - "Squeaky" Curds - Fresh Cheese Check for Availability    

  7. Bullet  $24.00 lb Solvang - Monchego/Parm cross - Sheep Cheese

  8. Bullet  $18.00 lb Anacapa (NEW) - Aged 6 months

Email us to have these cheeses shipped to your door! (California only)


All are cheeses are artisanal.. fresh and wholesome just as it should be.  There are no added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or colors in our cheeses.  The milk is from our farm.. never altered.  It's whole and fresh making for the best cheese.

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